Our company

Strong Capital Markets

Strong Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strong Capital Holdings Company. Along with its affiliated companies, Strong Wealth Advisors and Strong Advisory Group, we intend to offer comprehensive Financial Services, Financial Technology, and Asset Management to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners to grow their companies. We work with all types of founders and enterprises, including underserved founders who face special challenges in their quest for capital. We encourage any private company to reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and discussing your vision.

Our View

The present and the future...

We believe that technology will continue to disrupt employment for many in the workforce. As is currently the case we believe that the continued adoption of technology will foster increasing forays into entrepreneurship. We want to assist entrepreneurs and their enterprises to access capital and fuel their growth and their ideas. Come work with us!!