We can concentrate on your capital raise, but also "zoom out" to help you see the bigger picture.
Our Firm

Strong Capital Markets

Strong Capital Markets provides investment banking services to a broad-based group of clients. The firm was founded in March of 2021. We are a member of FINRA and registered with the SEC in March of 2022. We are excited to embark on our venture, with an experienced team of financial service professionals, to work with passionate founders and companies that are seeking to build and grow their businesses.

Our team guides clients through our banking process. We concentrate on their capital raise, while offering them an expansive view of their sector and the broader market so that they can see the bigger picture. Strong Capital Markets focuses on helping private companies and funds gain access to capital and think about their future financing needs.



Our Clients

Entrepreneurs. Business Owners. Founders.

Our clients vary, but our professionals are experienced and know how to guide them towards the right capital solution. We can help early-stage clients as well as clients with mature businesses.



Our Professionals

Extensive Experience. Diligent and Trustworthy.

Our professionals have extensive financial experience. Their skill sets traverse business lines, industry sectors and asset classes. We operate with trust, integrity, and diligence when working with our clients to help them understand their options. We provide thoughtful and strategic guidance.



Our Process

From Proposal, To Engagement, To Capital.

We start by presenting our clients with a proposal for services. This leads to an engagement agreement. Once executed we commence with an in-depth due diligence analysis of their business as the first step in our private placement process. Upon completion of due diligence, we begin our sales process to potential "Capital Providers." We partner with our network of “Capital Providers” to facilitate investment or provide loans to our clients.